Dial-A-Friend Telephone Counseling Service

Code:    Proj-464
Date:    06/14/1988 - 10/14/1991
Duration: 40 Months

The project provided timely and appropriate intervention to Filipino teenagers and young adults, 12 to 24 years old, with problems related to adolescent development. These included problems related to: boy-girl relationships, parent-child relationships, sexual identity, self concept, premarital and extra-marital sex, marital problems, drug problems, homosexuality, rape, child abuse, depression, suicide and abortion. DIAL-A-FRIEND operated with one exclusive hotline manned by one full-time counselor and one realiever. Counseling was from 1:00 to 9:00 PM, Mondays through Saturdays. From January-October, 1991, 3,357 calls were handled,on the average, 336 calls per month, 84 calls per week and 14 calls per day. The three most common problems phoned in by troubled teenagers were related to boy-girl relationships, parent-child conflicts and peer relationships. The project officially ended in October 14, 1991 and the telephone counseling service was turned over to the Foundation for Adolescent Development's Manila Center for Young Adults (FAD-MCYA) for management as a strategy to institutionalize the service in a youth-serving agency. The hotline service in MCYA began operation on December 1, 1991, with one hotline manned by a full-time counselor from 9:00am to 6:00pm, Tuesdays through Saturdays.