Youth-Union Towards Economic Development

Code:    04-039
Date:    11/15/2004 - 04/15/2005

In cooperation with the Junior Philippine Economics Society and the Philippine Council of Economics Students, the Ateneo Economics Department organized a 3-day forum among student leaders from 33 colleges and universities nationwide.This gathering provided the venue for them to articulate their stand on key economic issues and formulate solutions to the country's continuing economic crisis. The project also produced feasible and relevant research papers and/or policy proposals about such issues as population, migration, and the economic provisions of a constitutional amendments.

Prior to this camp, the student leaders were already formed into research groups to turn out research-based position papers for presentation during the assembly. Among the topics discussed was a cost-cutting benefit analysis of the Philippines' growing population.

Aside from the fostering of networking among the participating youth and academic institutions, this project motivated the young to participate actively in nation-building.