Womanpower Development and Utilization

Code:    Proj-64
Date:    09/01/1977 - 08/01/1979
Duration: 23 Months

This two year action program aimed to broaden the role options available to rural women by providing them with opportunities to raise their economic and social status. Given these opportunities, women can consider alternative roles to chilbearing and be motivated to have fewer children. The objective of the project was to give direct assistance to potential rural women entrepreneurs so they can establish financially viable business ventures that can, in turn, generate employment for other rural women. The program made use of a strategy developed and implemented by the Polygon Development Corporation (PDC) for WPDU. Basically, the strategy involved: (1) Searching for manufacturing and marketing firms interested in contracting out their supply requirements and getting firm marketing commitments for groups of rural women. (2) Identifying and selecting rural women entrepreneurs and workers interested in entering into the subcontracting agreement. (3) Recruiting, organizing, and training rural women workers. (4) Developing the management competence and staff of the project proponents through on-the-job coaching, basic consultancy services, and general training programs.