Using Male Motivators in a Male Farmer

Code:    Proj-424
Date:    07/01/1987 - 06/01/1989
Duration: 24 Months

This pilot project determined the effectiveness of using males from an all-male organization as family planning motivators. Initially, the project selected farmers leaders from 110 Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries Association (ARBA)-covered barangays in Nueva Ecija (40), Tarlac (40) and Pampanga (30). In January 1988, 17 regional trainers (7 ARBA, 3 Popcom, 4 DAR and 3 PCF) were trained on FP methods and FP motivation. These regional trainers, in turn, trained the 110 farmer leader-motivators (FLMs). The training series was undertaken from February to April 1988. To support the FLMs in their motivational work, IEC materials, (such as handbook, a flipchart and radio jingles) were developed and produced. They were also provided with uniform t-shirts, caps and jackets identifying them as FP motivators. To increase awareness of couples on FP, two types of illustrated comic magazines were produced and distributed; film showings, barangay meetings and radio interviews featuring the FLMs were also conducted. To intitutionalize the project and to increase the number of acceptors, core groups were organized in selected barangays where there were FLMs. Fourteen FLMs were trained on community organization in February 1989 and later given follow-up trainings. Although only ten FLMs were able to form core groups, the number of referrals they made dramatically increased. As of June 1989, the FLMs had referred a total of 1,123 new accpetors. Some groups also engaged in collective income-generating activities. As a culminating activity, the project held an FLM recognition congress in September 1989 were outstanding FLMs and core group members were honored.