Understanding the Impact of Population Increase to Mangrove Productivity: A Research and Advocacy Project

Code:    08-076
Date:    01/02/2008 - 12/31/2008

The project aimed to increase awareness of 1,000 fishing families in the 8 municipalities (Infanta, Real, Mauban, Polillio, Burdeos, Patnanungan, Jomalig and Panukulan) along Northern Lamon Bay on the impact of increasing population to mangrove productivity and sustainability.

It employed Participatory Action Research to determine the impact of population on the mangrove ecosystem in 8 barangays nearest the mangrove forests, perception of stakeholders of population increase and mangrove productivity, and interventions of Local Government Units (LGUs).

The research shows that for 790 respondents, population increase is an issue because it intensifies competition in the use of mangroves and other resources in the area. Ultimately, this lowers fish catch and threatens the food security of the coastal communities.

Aware of the need to plan their families, local people consider this in deciding on family matters and mangrove utilization.  However, the efforts of the LGUs to integrate population management with environmental management is lacking. Appropriate actions to mitigate the adverse effects of population and the quality of mangroves along the Bay are needed.  

Among the research recommendations are to: (1) intensify the advocacy effort on population management with emphasis on family well-being and migration, (2) issue local policies and programs on population and natural resources management, and (3) implement community-based reproductive health information campaigns.

The research results were translated into popular formats such as video, posters, comics, among others for use of the LGUs and fishers' organizations.