Training Women Leaders for Community Development Work

Code:    Proj-476
Date:    07/01/1990 - 06/30/1992
Duration: 24 Months

"This project initiated the community development process in four project areas in Guagua, Pampanga. At the same time, the project demonstrated a model for community development using indigenous facilitators (IFs) from the previous project area in San Rafael to assist in organizing the project sites. Eight IFs were identified and had started assisting the project staff in several organizing tasks in the two initial sites - Sitio Fatima in Barangay Bancal and puroks I and II in San Roque. In these sites, community leaders were identified, and community projects initiated, including: (1) Titling of residential lots in Sitio Fatima; (2) Plans for the construction of drainage systems in both sites; (3) Plans for the construction of a two-room primary schoolbase in Sitio Fatima; and (4) Plans for the construction of water pumps in Barangay San Roque."