Teenfad.ph: An Online Medium for Adolescent Sexuality and Reproductive Health

Code:    05-048
Date:    12/01/2005 - 11/30/2006

This project aimed to provide adolescents and young adults immediate access to accurate, comprehensive and quality information, counseling and referral services on adolescent sexuality, reproductive health (ASRH), and development. Specifically, the project aimed to: (1) promote the adoption of help seeking behavior on matters of sexuality and RH through the e-mail-a-friend and teen help buttons of the site; and (2) serve as an online medium for HIV-AIDS education and prevention through the different articles in the news and features, FAD library and teen voice buttons.

As an online medium, teenfad.ph proved to be an effective medium for its targeted public. Email-A-Friend, a counseling service done online, received 162 emails in the first six months when the site went live.  Advertisement posters about Email-A-Friend around 13 stations of the Light Railway Station in Metro Manila also served to heighten awareness of the general public about the importance of educating the youth about ASRH.