Sustainability of

Code:    07-072
Date:    07/16/2007 - 07/16/2008

The Foundation for Adolescent Development, Inc. (FAD) relaunched its website to make information sharing on adolescent sexuality and reproductive health more hip, trendy and sustainable.  

Among the useful features of the site are youth counseling through Email-A-Friend, profiling of site users to make information more suited to the needs of the youth, and current news for adolescents.  This site generated 190 registered members through email-a-friend in 2008.  These members can participate or avail of program and services for the youth of FAD such as: counseling, HIV/STD/AIDS treatment, poster care and shelter home, educational assistance, among others.

How the project contributed to the goal of PCPD:

Educating young people on adolescent health and sexuality concerns is a priority for PCPD, knowing that wrong decisions may lead to unwanted pregnancies, broken relationships, and compromised futures. But reaching out to young people in creative ways remains a challenge for the foundation.

FAD has had a laudable track record in the provision of information and services for young people. And one of the more up-to-date educational strategies developed by FAD is the use of the web site. Supporting the sustainability efforts of is a step to meeting the challenge of educating the young continuously, particularly the growing population of technologically savvy and urban-based youth.  PCPD needs to consciously plan its advocacy around new media to be in step with emerging trends. This is one way of manifesting that objective.