Strengthening the Surigao Youth Center

Code:    07-064
Date:    01/01/2007 - 12/31/2008

This project aimed to have a fully operational youth center catering to at least 2000 young people of Surigao City. It also aimed to make the center an avenue for increasing understanding among youth 10-14 years old on adolescent sexuality and reproductive health (ASRH) so that they can make responsible decisions and contribute to the decrease in teenage pregnancy and incidence of RH problems. 

The Surigao Youth Center provided information on ASRH through orientation sessions, counseling, and training, engaged young people in wholesome outreach, recreational, and livelihood activities; strengthened and develop the leadership potential of the core of youth volunteers so that they become effective agents in helping their peers towards responsible citizenship.

The Surigao City Government demonstrated through this project that the support of the Local Government Unit (LGU) is a factor for sustainability of the youth center coupled with the oversight functions of the City Population staff.

Now, the Surigao Youth Center is fully operational and caters to at least 2,000 young people, both in-school and out-of-school.  Regular activities include youth development such as peer counseling sessions, lectures on ASRH issues, summer camps, bible sharing, and community development projects like coastal clean-up, tree planting and anti-drug symposia.  A core group of youth volunteers provide leadership to the youth center. The City Government now provides a yearly appropriation for the activities of the center.