Special Project - "The Survival of Humankind: The Philippine Experiment"

Code:    Proj-47
Date:    09/06/1976 - 09/10/1976
Duration: 5 Days

"The Survival of Humankind: The Philippine Experiment" was an international conference held at the Philippine International Convention Center, Manila. Sponsored by the Philippine government, the conference was a dialogue between international and Filipino scientists, technologists, and science administrators on key issues in the Philippine approach to modernization and development.

"Population Control and Distribution" was one of ten conference themes, each of which was assigned to a committee. Dr. Conrado Ll. Lorenzo, Jr., executive director of the Population Center Foundation, was appointed a member of the working committee and coordinator of the theme on Population Control and Distribution. The outcome of the conference served to illustrate how research and other technical information can be utilized to guide policy and program management.

The Foundation staff prepared a Philippine population paper which consisted of two parts: Contraceptive Technology and Its Implications, and Population Distribution and Settlements. Using local research and interviews with population experts as basis, the paper described the population program of the country, the problems it was facing, and the alternatives open to planners. The paper became a springboard for discussion during the conference. Both the foreign and local participants reacted with policy and research recommendations.

As a post-conference activity, the Foundation staff translated the participants policy and research recommendations into population projects and project ideas, which were submitted to former president Marcos.

In many cases, the recommendations validated projects already being developed or implemented by the Foundation and by other population agencies.