Responsible Parenthood-MCH Program for the Industrial Sector (Cycle 2)

Code:    Proj-422
Date:    09/01/1987 - 08/01/1990
Duration: 36 Months

The project demonstrated the benefits of a replicable and sustainable industry-based responsible parenthood-maternal and child health (RP-MCH) program. It was designed to provide the companies with the technical capability to offer married couples of reproductive age with reliable information and services in responsible parenthood and maternal and child health. The project provided information and clinical services at the workplace: Its objectives were (1) to assist each participating company in setting up and managing its responsible parenthood program within the workplace; (2) to respond to the responsible parenthood/maternal and child health needs of industry workers through the provision of information, technical assistance and referral services; and (3) to demonstrate to the participating company the benefits of having such a program both to the company and its workers. During its second phase, the program generated the participation of 21 companies in Metro Manila, Central Luzon and Southern Tagalog (Regions 3 & 4). During the third year period, the project provided information and services on responsible parenthood and family planning to 35,239 workers, of whom 5,330 became acceptors. To upgrade clinic services, the project sponsored the training of the participating companies' clinic staff in basic and comprehensive FP. Around 330 in-plant volunteers went through basic motivational skills training and refresher courses. For its advocacy and information activities, the program developed and produced promotional posters, key chains and stickers with family planning messages; and multimedia IEC materials such as STPs, brochures, posters,comic books, and photo exhibits. Quarterly family planning raffles for acceptors were held in the participating companies, while an annual gathering was held for all in-plant volunteers. For the third expansion, the program started inviting and orienting companies in the National Capital Region, and Regions 3 and 4.