Research Utilization: Social Science-Management of Population Programs (Cycle 1)

Code:    Proj-73
Date:    01/01/1977 - 12/01/1977
Duration: 12 Months

This project addressed the problem of limited application of research findings and technical information to policy and professional practice. It aimed to link program managers and field professionals to information resources - literature, field data, subject specialists from management and other related fields - for more informed decision-making and, consequently, better management of the National Population Program. One project strategy was a workshop (December 1-3, 1977) which discussed two major issues crucial to improving the management of rural outreach programs: 1) the management of field-workers (which includes recruitment, supervision and motivation, as well as the use of volunteers); and 2) integration and coordination, both on the field level (coordination of the team of development workers) and the national level (redefining the roles of private agencies vis-à-vis the increasing involvement of the government in the population program). Another strategy was the consultancy assistance to an agency. This move required a management specialist familiar with the population program to render consultancy services to one of the pioneer population agencies. With the use of relevant information and management techniques, the specialist assisted the program managers of the agency in acquiring better planning and implementation strategies. Finally, because the provincial government was considered a new partner agency of the National Population Program , this project explored the possibility of extending assistance to an individual province, in this case Cebu, to facilitate the effective integration and coordination of population activities within the province, mainly through linking workers to information resources.