Research Monographs, Cycle 1 and 2

Code:    Proj-34
Date:    07/01/1975 - 05/01/1977
Duration: 22 Months

Three research monographs were published in Cycle 1: "Appropriate Contents and Strategies for Curriculum Development." The monographs were titled "The Philippine Experience in Curriculum Development for Population Education: Case Studies," "The Effectiveness of the Discovery Approach as a Teaching Method for Population Education," and "Introducing Human Sexuality in the Population Education Curriculum."

Cycle 2 also had three research monographs: "Teacher Training Scheme in Population Education," "Effective Evaluation of Teacher Training in Population Education," and "Strategies for Value Clarification in Population Education."

The monographs were used not only as vehicles for disseminating the literature review and conference proceedings to professionals in population education and related areas, but also as references and supplements for the Population Education Programs training courses and curriculum development.