2000 to Present


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Code Title Category Start Year End Year
02-019Empowering Parents on Adolescent Health and SexualityUncategorized20022003
02-021Towards A Broader Consensus on Population and Development: A Media Oriented Advocacy CampaignUncategorized20022003
02-016Production of An Advocacy Kit Based on the "Qualitative Study on the Beliefs, Attitudes, Perceptions and Behavior of Young People About Identity, Sexuality, and Health"Uncategorized20022002
02-020Local Legislators' Seminar-Workshop on Population, Reproductive Health and Development Leadership; and National and Local Legislators' Conference on Population, RH and DevelopmentUncategorized20022002
02-017A Research Project on "The Population-Poverty Nexus in Rural Areas"Uncategorized20022003
02-015Advocacy/Dialogues with Media, Business, Government, and Civil Society: Series of 2002/2003Uncategorized20022002
01-013Towards a Better Understanding of the Role of Population in Philippine Economic DevelopmentUncategorized20012002
01-012A Visioning Workshop for the Metro Davao AreaUncategorized20012002
01-011Extension of the Project "Influencing Reproductive Health Policy and Programs in the Philippines : Utilization of Operations Research Results"Uncategorized20012002
01-014PCPD Website Development and MaintenanceUncategorized20012001