2000 to Present


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Code Title Category Start Year End Year
05-051Maintenance of the PCPD Web Site for 2005Uncategorized20052005
05-052PCPD Advocacy/Dialogues: Series of 2005Uncategorized20052005
03-029Legislation On PopulationUncategorized20042004
04-031Community-Based Peer -to- Peer Extension of Reproductive Health (RH) Information, Education, and Communication in the Que Pa SaUncategorized20042004
04-039Youth-Union Towards Economic DevelopmentUncategorized20042005
04-036Seminar-Workshop on Population and DevelopmentUncategorized20042004
04-034Solid Waste Management in SANPASADA: Household Behavior and LGU ActionsUncategorized20042005
04-033Environmental Impact of Coastal Community Activities on the Mangrove Ecology of SANPASADAUncategorized20042005
04-035Roadshow for the Population-Growth-Poverty Nexus ProjectUncategorized20042005
04-032Maintenance of the PCPD Web Site for 2004Uncategorized20042004