Population, Resources, Environment and the Philippine Future (PREPF): Phase II

Code:    Proj-45
Date:    07/01/1975 - 12/01/1976
Duration: 17 Months

This project attempted to project the physical, economic, social and political conditions in the Philippines by the year 2000 to identify policy actions needed to secure as closely as possible the "best" possible Philippine future. Three major institutions carried out the PREPF research: The Population Institute of the University of the Philippines (UPPI) , the UP school of Economics (UPSE), and the Development Academy of the Philippines (DAP). UPPI and UPSE handled demographic, sociological, and economic components, while DAP took on the environmental, political, and policy formulation-adoption components. PREPF also involved itself in the effort to make all government agencies engage in functional perspective planning, through the economic planning and research staff of the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA). Under a presidential letter of instruction, all agencies of government were enjoined to lay down long-term plans, systematically linking their objectives, goals, and projects for national development. NEDA was responsible for coordinating these various plans and using them to generate a truly national, long-term plan for development. In this connection, the PREPF staff gave a one-day briefing on PREPF in late October, 1976. The findings and recommendations of the PREPF research were also discussed at the Development Academy of the Philippines Career Executive Service Development Program (CESDP). Here, senior government officials participating in the program interacted with PREPF researchers, discussed PREPF findings and policy recommendations. Phase II involved a deeper analysis of the data gathered.