Population and Media : Visions for the Present

Code:    05-050
Date:    12/16/2005 - 12/15/2006

A total of 12 television practitioners were selected nationwide and oriented to have a better understanding of the relationship between population and development and acquired skills to be able to create accurate reports on these issues.

Titled, Population and Media: Visions for the Present, it began with a five-day workshop in June 2006.  The training included topics on health, pollution, demography, and how to translate these into video reports for the Filipino audience.  Fellows were given three months to produce reports in their own provinces.  The result: over four hours of news reports, documentaries, features and talk shows that aired on TV.

These stories are now collected into a DVD, categorized according to common themes.  They carry the important message that Filipinos can do much in the present to give our children and ourselves, a healtheir -- and better -- future.