Population and Development Information Services for Policymakers and the Public: Selective Dissemination of Information and PCF Media Service

Code:    Proj-427
Date:    11/01/1987 - 06/01/1989
Duration: 12 Months

This was an advocacy project which had two components: Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI), and PCF Media Service. SDI, published monthly, contains articles on population and development, based on current information from local and foreign periodicals, conference papers, and published and unpublished researches. It was sent to nearly 700 users, including senators, congressmen, Cabinet secretaries, and development professionals and workers. SDI maintains linkages with over 200 development agencies and offices of legislators and local governments nationwide. Seven SDI issues were published in 1987. Topics included adolescent fertility, population policy statement, women, urbanization, basic demographic data on the Philippines, maternal and child health and nutrition. PCF Media Service provided newspapers, magazines, and newsletters with articles, news capsules, and photos on population and related themes. Topics included labor, environment, maternal and child health, adolescent development, public expenditures, and other issues as they relate to population concerns. Ten issues and two exclusive articles were produced in 1987. The PCF Media Service articles, news capsules, and photos were used in national publications like Bulletin, Inquirer, Star, Malaya, Chronicle, Times, Standard, Peoples Journal, Peoples Tonight, Business Star, Business World, Mr. And Ms., Womans Home Companion, MOD, Midweek, Liwayway and the highly popular comic-magazines, provincial newspapers all over the country, and industrial publications.