PopDevEd Modules: Distribution, Orientation and Training for a Pilot Study

Code:    10-096
Date:    09/01/2010 - 03/30/2011

This project is the rollout phase of the PopDevEd Modules developed for member institutions of the Catholic Education Association of the Philippines. It covers promotion and distribution of the modules to schools, conduct of orientation for school administrators and teachers, and training of teachers who will be involved in pilot testing the modules. Six private schools in Misamis Oriental and two public schools in Camiguin were involved in the pilot test. Archbishop Antonio Ledesma has given his full support to the pilot test in the identified schools. Hopefully, this project will encourage wider use of the modules. 

Specifically, this project has three main components:

1.      Modules dissemination – book and CDs will be given to administrators and teachers in the pilot schools. CDs are particularly useful for reproduction and the production/enlargement of teaching aids.

2.      Modules orientation – for school administrators (top- and middle-level) on the purpose, content and application of the modules to ensure their approval, cooperation and commitment to use the modules in their respective schools

3.      Teachers training – a two-day training seminar for teachers which focuses on three aspects of PopDevEd -  concepts, pedagogy and  attitudes.

The project deliverables are:

  • Orientations conducted in schools
  • Training for pilot teachers conducted
  • Modules and CDs distributed and used in schools

This project ensures the utilization of the product (PopDevEd Modules) among targeted audiences and facilitate the gathering of actual data on its use through the pilot test. It will provide useful information on the utilization of the modules to the target schools.

The modules are a landmark contribution to popdev education for young people, especially in the Catholic educational system.