POPDEV Analysis Papers : Series of 2000 and 2001

Code:    00-002
Date:    01/01/2000 - 12/31/2001

PCPD funded individual research that showed the links between population and development concerns. These were packaged and presented to key business and civil society leaders and media practitioners in an effort to influence policy or programs at the national or local levels.

The completed studies are:

  • Changing Lifestyles of Filipino Youth : Emerging Patterns
    By: Dr. Nimfa Ogena
  • Population and Resource Allocation Issues in Basic Education
    By: Dr. Alejandro Herrin
  • Population and Housing : Providing Decent Shelter for All
    By: Dr. Zorayda Amelia Alonzo and Elvira Esguerra - Villamor
  • Population and Health
    By: Dr. Alejandro Herrin