Policy Impact Evaluation of the Aurora Reproductive Health Care Code of 2005

Code:    09-093
Date:    11/15/2009 - 02/15/2010

The project aims to evaluate the Aurora Reproductive Health Code, enacted in 2005, in terms of improvements in maternal mortality, immunization of children, family planning practice and contraceptive prevalence brought about by specific strategies and programs at the municipal level. The study looks into the strengths and weaknesses of the Code and recommend actions to fine tune the RH program in the province.

This project covers four out of the eight municipalities of Aurora province namely Baler, Dipaculao, Casiguran, and Disalag.

The Evalulead Framework will be used. This framework will look into three levels of analysis namely: individual, organizational, and societal . It will also examine changes at different levels: episodic, developmental and transformative. Methodologies to be used are survey, secondary data analysis, focus group discussion, and interviews.

The proposed project supports PCPD’s strategy of generating research and using research based information for policy purposes. The findings will inform the local government unit's executives and policy makers of Aurora on the merits and areas of improvement of the Code. Other LGU executives will also stand to benefit from the findings of this study, hopefully inspiring and multiplying the number of those who will enact their own local Codes for RH.  The research will provide guidelines on enforcement and programming necessary for the CODE’s effective implementation.