PMAP-Cebu Industry-Based Responsible Parenthood Program, Training and IEC Component

Code:    Proj-438
Date:    10/01/1988 - 07/01/1990
Duration: 14 Months

The project developed an in-plant responsible parenthood program in 30 industrial companies based in Cebu, and enabled these companies to sustain this program on their own. It was implemented by the Philippines (PMAP)-Cebu, Family Planning Organization of the Philippines (FPOP)-Cebu and PCF. PCFc participation in the project was based on its experience and expertise in the industry-based responsible parenthood program and in information, education and communication (IEC). PCF conducted the training on fundamentals of negotiating and produced the following IEC materials. Print: (1) 300 copies of Responsible Parenthood posters; (2) 40 copies each of the Male Reproductive System and Female Reproductive System charts in Cebuano; (3) 500 copies of "Panahon Na" posters in Cebuano; (4) 5,000 copies of "Gabay sa Wastong Pagkain" booklets in Cebuano; (5) 10,000 copies of booklets on Family Planning Methods; (6) 500 copies of Family Planning posters in Cebuano; and a (7) Briefing kit for company managers. Audiovisual: Four PCF slide-tape presentations were reproduced in videotape (Beta) format: (1) Ang Aking Pamilya; (2) Tatlong Magkakaibigan, Tatlong Karanasan; (3) Ang Manggagawa ay Magulang Din (Cebuano); and (4) Kung Makinay Pumapalya (Cebuano) version. Two slide-tape presentations were produced: (1) The Problem and the Opportunity (for middle-and upper-level company managers); and (2) Okey ka Pare ko (in Cebuano for factory workers).