PCPD Advocacy/Dialogues: Series of 2005

Code:    05-052
Date:    01/02/2005 - 12/31/2005

Discussions on population and development saw PCPD facilitating the conduct of workshops on population and development in preparation for the general assembly of the Bishops Businessmen Conference (BBC) for Human Development.  A total of three workshops were conducted culminating in population and development session during the BBC general assembly.

The discussions resulted in generating agreement on the following: population growth exacerbates other development problems and makes the search for solutions more difficult; family size reflects poverty: the poorer the family, the higher the number of children ever born; and the "burden of dependency" is a big factor in preventing families from moving out of poverty.

One of the recommendations that emerged was a request for BBC to continue its efforts to facilitate meetings among individuals with competencies to inform the discussions on the Catholic teachings that impinge on population and development, responsible parenthood and natural family planning.