Participatory Research on the Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices of Punong Barangays On Population and Development

Code:    06-058
Date:    07/15/2006 - 07/01/2007

The project was a winner of the Panibagong Paraan Competition 2006. 

It involved the conduct of a baseline survey of the knowledge, attitudes and practice on population and development of some 400 barangay captains nationwide. Results/ gaps served as the basis for developing the storylines and scripts for a radio novella that highlighted the role of barangay captains in addressing popdev issues in their community.  The project also aimed to influence the Barangay Reform Agenda by including popdev as a thematic area and specific programs to institutionalize women empowerment, family planning, and popdev training for barangay captains.

The listenership survey conducted by BOFP revealed that radio is not an effective medium for reaching out to the barangay captains.  The study was done after airing the radio novella Sa Amin ang Bukas (Visayan version: Sa Ako ang Ugma) for 30 minutes every Sunday for six months over DZME (AM); six months every Saturday over Radyo Subic (FM); and five months community narrowcast by WISE Women Community Education.  The serialized radio drama centers on three young barangay leaders who amidst the intricate web of social, economic and political ills would find the courage to lobby for good population program in their barangay to achieve community health and good governance.

Despite low listenership, those few barangay leaders who tuned in, understood family planning as a serious intervention that goes beyond birth control – that it transcends family and societal issues of poverty, health, education and governance.  For them, a well-managed population makes governance easier, especially if dosed up with pagtutulungan and pagkakaisa.

This project is a model of popdev integration and constituency building at the local level using a nationwide network of barangay captains.