Organization of a Central Task Force to Address the IEC Needs of Specific Target Audiences

Code:    Proj-286
Date:    08/01/1982
Duration: 6 Months

This task force had for its members representatives of 20 agencies implementing IEC activities. At their meetings they came up with a summary of the agencies' experience in IEC for specific target audiences; plans/ recommendations for IEC activities/ materials for each target audience; and project proposals based on the needs of these audiences. The results of these meetings were communicated to the representatives of the regional task forces during the National IEC Planning Workshop held in Tagaytay City from October 12 to 14 and at the follow-up National IEC Conference in November 22. Because of new program directions which gave greater emphasis to pre and early schoolers, the central task force decided to set up another subgroup to tackle the IEC needs of this particular audience segment. Further, the project staff drafted a memorandum of agreement between Popcom and partner/participating agencies for their involvement in the central task force. The project staff submitted a report and a set of recommendations on the viability of the IEC Task Force as a consultative and coordinative body to the board of commissioners.