Multi-Service Youth Centers in the Cities of Manila, Baguio, and Cebu

Code:    Proj-458
Date:    01/01/1988 - 08/01/1990
Duration: 32 Months

This project provided young people ages 15-24 with four basic services in adolescent development: (1) information and education for proper value formation; (2) personalized counseling for value clarification, identification and clarification of problems and analysis of alternatives; (3) health; and (4) recreation. The Centers initial program focus was on adolescent sexuality. Later, however the centers were situated within a larger program framework --- life planning, health, and parenting. This development was part of the Centers commitment to enhance its total-person approach to handling adolescent problems and concerns. From January to December 1988, the Centers served a total of 16,519 clients. Of these, 7,666 were new while 8,853 were returning clients. (This brought the total number of adolescents served by the Centers to 52,049; the Manila center opened in 1984, and the Baguio and Cebu Centers in 1985.) These clients made a total of 31,075 visits. Monthly average visits totalled 1,228 in Baguio, 902 in Cebu, and 459 in Manila. During the summer breaks, the Centers reached out to out-of-school and married youths living in depressed communities. What started as a summer outreach eventually became a year-round special project of the Centers in 1988. This development was realized when the Centers received constant requests from barangay officials and other community leaders for regular sessions on adolescent sexuality (parenting, nutrition, and other factors). Alarmed by the number of young people in their barangays who got pregnant and were raising malnourished children, the community leaders looked to the Centers for help. The Centers were registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission.