Mulat Pinoy Social Media and PopDev in 2010 Election Campaign

Code:    09-090
Date:    09/01/2009 - 07/31/2010

The objectives and outcomes of the project:

By May 2010, 100 percent of presidential and vice presidential candidates and 50 percent of senatorial candidates who have an online presence would be reached on the issue of population and development, through letters, social networks and websites at least once a month starting November 2009.

By November 2010, a Mulat Pinoy movement would emerge, meeting specific target number of persons and initiatives set per activity.  The number of people directly involved would be at least 14,080 with a larger indirect audience composed of those who have been exposed to the message through social network, blogs, link exchanges and traditional media.

Mulat Pinoy project details would be maintained in site as well as the Facebook social network site at least one year after project completion.



1. Management of website and social networks

2. Linking with bloggers and websites

3. Upload of 'soundbites' and short videos on the website and social networks

4. Aggressive online networking through bloggers networks for offline sessions, discussions on online venues, forums and chats, and links with advocacy websites


1. Kapihan (eight sessions)

2. Youth caravan by Kabataan News Network Bureaus (one event)

3. Capacity building sessions (two sessions)

4. Merchandizing materials

5. Video contest (two rounds)

6. Fellowship program

7. Widening of pool of writers

8. Partnering with traditional media


The project hopes to contribute to the vision of PCPD in building a nation that is able to balance its population and resources.  The project intends to be instrumental in the promotion of a better understanding of the relationship between population and development to empower Filipinos to make informed decisions and actions that result in an improved quality of life.

By the end of the project, the following should have been accomplished: (1) A dynamic community of online users would continue to contribute and discuss the issues of popdev on their own, without being initiated by the project team or PCPD; and (2) Candidates who were elected into office incorporating popdev in their political agendas or plans.