Mobilizing the Out-of-School Youths for Popdev Education, Phase 2

Code:    11-113
Date:    09/01/2011 - 08/31/2012
Duration: 1 year


The project is phase 2 of an effort to develop a model for educating out-of-school-youth (OSY) ) on population and development. It will contribute to the overall efforts of the government and nongovernment organizations in abating the social ills affecting the out-of-school-youth in Silay City and providing them with better opportunities where they can socially transform themselves into responsible and useful citizens through population and development education.

Phase 1 was implemented in two barangays (Guimbalaon and Hawaiian) as a pilot project to test the capacity of the OSY to conduct the training and the acceptability of the modules that were developed. Lessons from this first phase such as the need: for more skills training for the OSY chosen to be part of the popdev team; to recruit more OSY as members of the popdev team; to involve the parents so that better participation from the OSY can be ensured; and to design barangay based programs for OSY were all considered in the formulation of the Phase 2 proposal. In a sense, the model is complete and is ready to be tried out.

The project covers seven barangays of Silay City and approximately 700 OSY.