Mobilizing the Catholic Educational Association of the Philippines (CEAP) in Promoting Life Planning Among Adolescents

Code:    Proj-433
Date:    10/01/1987 - 12/01/1988
Duration: 15 Months

The project integrated life planning into the school guidance program through training modules on self-awareness, values clarification, goal setting, decision-making, parenthood, and sexuality. Thus, adolescents were made aware of the fact that their sexuality-related decisions affected their career goals, their plans for family, and their contribution to society in general. The project used two models to integrate adolescent sexuality and life planning into the CEAP program. In the first model, adolescent sexuality was integrated into the non-academic activities of the guidance office such as a peer facilitators' program, lecture series, school interactions, and group discussion sessions. The seond model involved the integration of adolescent sexuality and life planning into the school curriculum. In selected schools like St. Paul College, San Sebastian, San Beda, Don Bosco, and St. Scholastica's College, modules on the subject matter were added to the curriculum of classes on theology, euthenics, pshycology, family planning and guidance. During the postscript assessment, participating counselors developed institutionalization plans for the continuation of the project in the schools' guidance program. This includes project orientation of school administrators and faculty, conduct of lecture series, and proposed integration of adolescent development into the school curriculum.