Mas Maganda Ang Natural

Code:    06-061
Date:    07/01/2006 - 06/30/2008

This project aimed to demonstrate Natural Family Planning (NFP) integration in the existing development programs of the Diocese of Novaliches. It covered 6 parishes and aimed to train a core of NFP trainers from the community who will in turn promote NFP. 

In 2007, the Diocese conducted NFP orientation among 116 parishioners, provided pre-cana seminars to 123 couples and trained around 40 mothers as NFP trainers.  The awareness and capacity-building series centered on Christian values and family welfare. Some mothers, after a month of sharing, reflection and discernment, embarked on income-generating projects like buy-and-sell and doormat-making.  They formed a unique cooperative of mothers, who apart from helping augment their family income, continue to share the impact of NFP in their lives.  Some of them are even willing to help conduct sexuality education in schools and pre-cana seminars for couples about to get married.  

As the project progressed, the implementers recognized the need to involve NFP-trained couples in social service program and support of the parish priest for a smoother and successful NFP program implementation.