Marketing of the PCF's International Training Program on Adolescent Sexuality

Code:    Proj-461
Date:    02/01/1989 - 11/01/1989
Duration: 10 Months

The project was designed to promote and to increase participation in the fourth PCF International Training Program on Adolescent Sexuality. The training was held last July 2-13, 1990. It was open to individuals who were involved in the planning, management and supervision of youth-related programs and projects. In preparation for the marketing activities, the project assessed the training needs of youth workers in the Asia-Pacific Region. The results were used in revising the existing training syllabus on the "Effective Delivery of Adolescent Fertility-Related Information and Counseling Services." In addition, the assessment showed the need to add the module on "Advocacy for Young People's Health." The advocacy module equipped the participants with information and skills on becoming effective promoters or advocates of the health of young people in their respective countries. As part of the project's marketing efforts, a promotional brochure on the training program was developed and produced. The brochure was distributed to about 100 agencies and individuals involved in youth programs. PCF also developed a proposal for a sponsorship program for international training. The proposal was submitted to and approved by UNFPA in May 1989.