Management of the National Population Library and Technical Assistance to Regional Population Libraries

Code:    Proj-453
Date:    10/01/1988 - 12/01/1990
Duration: 38 Months

"This project involved the management of the National Population Library, known as the Philippine Population Information Center (PPIC), for the Population Commission. In 1990, the project's major activity was to provide on-the-job training to the staff of Popcom's Information Management Research Division, in preparation for the eventual turnover of the PPIC management to Popcom by December 31, 1990. Another priority of the project was the provision of technical assistance to the Popcom regional population libraries. The PPIC served the information needs of policymakers, program managers, professionals and the general public. It performed the following core functions: technical and readers' services, literature searches, distribution of duplicate books, and the development and production of research/retrieval tools. During the year under review, the PPIC continued to provide such information services to all interested groups and individuals. In 1990, the PPIC added to its collection 164 books and monographs, 95 periodical titles, 12 area files, 43 annual reports and 136 related materials. Library clientele served included high school, college and graduate students from various institutions in Metro Manila; researchers from government and private agencies; and Popcom technical staff. On the average, library users numbered 44 per week. These included walk-in clients as well as those who phoned in or sent written requests. Linkages with over 100 local agencies and some 50 foreign agencies were maintained to provide, upon request, information and materials not available at the PPIC."