Management Cases on Population and Development for Executive and Leadership Education

Code:    07-070
Date:    05/01/2007 - 01/31/2008

This project aimed to promote a better understanding of popdev among civil society, business and government managers and leaders enrolled in management schools. The case method was used as the teaching/learning strategy to generate popdev policy/program recommendations for local governments, private organizations and even the national government. It would help strengthen the capacity of participating schools and training institutions in popdev education.

Its key outputs were: (1) case writing training, (2) ten management cases on popdev programs/projects developed, printed and disseminated, (3) policy / program recommendations emanating from the students’ study of the management cases, (4) a case bank of management cases on popdev made accessible in the IMDM and PCPD web sites, (5) at least 20,000 students reached by the management cases from   partner institutions, and (6) a survey on the effectiveness of the case method for popdev advocacy.

Ten (10) cases had been developed and pilot tested in selected institutions. Initial feedback from professors was very positive. The cases served their purpose as a learning material.

These are the 10 management cases: (1) Organizational Development and Strategic Planning for the Population Commission (PopCom); (2) Foundation for Adolescent Development (FAD) Teen Headquarters; (3) Well Family Midwife Clinic: Improving the Livelihood of Midwives in the Philippines; (4) Concepcion, Iloilo: Award-winning Integrated Population, Health and Environment Program; (5) Case Study on the Politics of Internal Migration and Its Effects on Population and Development in Naga City; (6) Lifecycle of an Advocacay Network: The Case of the Population, Health and Environment (PHE) Network; (7) A Case Study on Contraceptive Reliance Program in the Province of Pangasinan; (8) Muslim-initiated/related Population Development Program: Development of a National Fatwah on Family Planning and Reproductive Health; (9) A Case Study on Gender and Development Programs, A Platform for the Institute of Population Management in Capoocan, Leyte; and (10) Comparative Study of the ProFamilia (Columbia) and the Friendly Care Foundation, Inc. (Philippines) - Organizations Providing Health and Population Services.

How the project contributes to the goal of PCPD:

The use of the case method is an innovative way of advocating for and generating policy/program solutions to management problems on popdev. This project can be considered a trailblazer.