Local Legislators' Seminar-Workshop on Population, Reproductive Health and Development Leadership; and National and Local Legislators' Conference on Population, RH and Development

Code:    02-020
Date:    09/23/2002 - 11/30/2002

The workshop and conference was designed as an advocacy tool so that our legislators will have a better appreciation of population, reproductive health, and development issues towards an effective legislation on population and development.

The two-day seminar workshop was held on October 6 and 7, 2002 among 141 local legislators (mayors, vice-mayors, councilors, board members) from 9 provinces.

The one-day conference was held on October 8, 2002 among 171 local and national legislators (congressmen and senators).

As a result of these gatherings, resolutions were passed: (1) calling on the national leadership for a stronger policy on population and the allocation of resources for reproductive health programs and services; and (2) calling on local governments to legislate policies and allocate resources in support of population and development.

PCPD funded the one-day conference and the preparatory work and documentation of the two-day workshop.