"Less Is More" Video Segments for the Youth

Code:    07-074
Date:    07/16/2007 - 09/30/2008

To reach more young people, Knowledge Channel Foundation, Inc. (KCFI) produced interstitials or video segments on popdev issues for public highschool students.  

From a baseline study by KCFI, majority of the youth belonging to large and poor families have access to television.  Most of them are aware of their poor economic condition; hence, their life goals include having a good education and financial stability. Presently, their families are affected by population concerns such as insufficient job opportunities, scarcity of food and water, high prices of commodities, and crowded settlements. The popdev videos highlight these issues vis-a-vis aspiration of the youth to escape poverty.

Specifically, the five 30-seconder plugs focus on the advantages of family planning and link between water quality and population growth.  These videos are now being aired until November 2009 in Knowledge Channel. The video titles are: (1) Sexuality Education, (2) Text Message, (3) Disappearing, (4) Drawing, and (5) Water Pollution and Population.  An additional plug dealing with teenage pregnancy issue is still being produced by the Knowledge Channel Foundation.

This project supports PCPD’s advocacy among young people in the formal public education sector.  This is a market that PCPD has not penetrated thus far.  It is also a good opportunity to test whether interstitials are a good medium for awareness raising and education on popdev among the youth.  Knowledge Channel is a respected player in educational television.  It is recognized for its efforts to improve the quality of education in far-flung areas.