Legislation On Population

Code:    03-029
Date:    12/06/2004 - 12/06/2004

This project originally aimed to craft a bill on population for endorsement to the members of Congress after the 2004 elections. A bill was drafted to look at the population problem from a macro and scientific perspective, drawing from various researches.  Never reaching second reading, the bill was archived in Congress.

Seeing the fluctuations in the political situation, the NAST Task Force on Population decided to shift its strategy towards the creation of a better policy environment for managing population growth. Instead of pursuing the legislative track for population policy changes, the Task Force decided to look for more concrete ways to reach the country's population growth rate target of 1.9% in 2010.  Thus, was born the slogan, 1.9 in 5.

NAST used this as a theme for the conference conducted in November 22, 2004.  A total of 125 participants from the business community, media, the academe, local government units, and the civil society attended the event.  The consolidated recommendations for action of the different sectors that participated in the conference were presented during the Population Congress on November 29, 2005.  The said recommendations were also transmitted by NAST to President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.