Institutional Development : Phase II

Code:    Proj-86
Date:    01/01/1977 - 01/01/1979
Duration: 24 Months

"This project aimed to assist the National Population Program by tapping the services of both faculty members and students of selected universities and colleges for population-related activities. Its objectives were: 1) the production of college graduates with sufficient social-science training to equip them for middle-level technical positions in population agencies; and 2) the extension of technical support by faculty members and their students to population agencies in their respective regions. An index of the institution's commitment was the organization of ""population teams"" in each school and the development of an organized plan of assistance and cooperation with action agencies. The population team was composed of faculty members with special competencies in social science, research, or population-related subjects, including population education. Assistance to these institutions included a one-semester special training of faculty members from each of the STCs (Student Training Centers). Training was conducted in groups of 11. The first group trained at the UP, second semester 1977-78; the second group, at Xavier University, first semester 1978-79. The third was enrolled at the University of San Carlos, second semester 1978-79. The FTC (Faculty Training Centers) training curriculum was made up of six units of core courses (including a course on statistical demography and family planning research and evaluation) and six units of non-core courses. Based on individual needs, the trainee chose two out of three prescribed non-core courses: communication, community development and management. Small grants for faculty research were awarded to the school, provided the studies were closely allied to student training and the education or management needs of local population agencies. Small amounts were also provided for the purchase of population references and teaching aides."