Industry-Based Family Planning Program (Cycle 1)

Code:    Proj-363
Date:    01/01/1985 - 01/01/1987
Duration: 24 Months

This project assisted at least 30 industrial companies and establishments in Metro Manila in implementing their own in-plant responsible parenthood program. The project mobilized in-plant volunteer motivators who were selected from the ranks of employees. These volunteers were backed up by an intensive information-education-communication (IEC) campaign. The project made substantial gains in increasing knowledge, attitude and practice of workers not only on family planning but also on related concerns such as maternal and child health, nutrition, breastfeeding, husband-wife relationship, parenting and home budgeting. Motivated acceptors were provided needed services either by referral to outside service providers or in-plant clinic facilities. A year-end evaluation showed that in addition to improvements in family planning knowledge the program achieved some degree of success in promoting effective use of such methods as the pill and tubal ligation. All companies expressed their desire to continue the program in their respective plants. They all perceived the program as a success.