Himsug Pamilya Program : Increasing Access of Marginalized Communities to Reproductive Health Care Information, Financing and Services Through Cooperatives

Code:    05-049
Date:    11/15/2005 - 05/15/2007

This two-year project provided access to quality information, products and services on reproductive health and family planning (RH/FP) to an estimated 14,000 coop families in Davao del Norte. 

Through NATCCO, the biggest and strongest national federation of cooperatives in the country, FP services have been integrated in the benefits of members of the cooperative.  This was made possible by pooling resources of cooperatives for reproductive health care delivery.

Piloted in Tagum, Davao Del Norte, the Benefit Package Policy developed by NATCCO through its Himsug Pamilya Program (HPP), provides health financing including RH/FP services to coop members. For an annual fee of P450.00, the members can avail of P3,000.00 maximum hospitalization allowance and P2,000.00 maternal health care allowance. Almost 3,000 enrollees are women, which highlights women's initiative in ensuring health insurance for themselves and their family members.

HPP evaluation surfaced these issues on RH and FP: (a) need for more information dissemination about the health insurance coverage, (b) need for female physicians for women's RH-related problems, (c) provision of more livelihood opportunities to the poorer coop members so they can qualify for HPP membership.  The evaluation also emphasized that adolescents, especially female adolescents have to be protected against gender-based violence and sexually-transmitted infections.  This sector should be a priority for IEC along with men's responsibility and women's reproductive health.  The program is challenged to dialogue and consult with LGUs and pertinent government agencies on relevant FP policies in order to broaden the options available to couples who desire to plan their families. 

Meanwhile, the coop entered into an agreement with the St. Anne Birthing Home to serve as outlet for FP commodities.