Code:    Proj-474
Date:    03/01/1990 - 07/30/1992
Duration: 28 Months

"This project was an experiment at using drama as a medium for providing useful information and insights on the concerns and problems of the young and as a vehicle for family entertainment. The project produced two TV drama specials, each running for one and a half hours. The specials dramatized problem situations confronted by the Filipino youth based on actual cases handled by the DIAL-A-FRIEND hotline counseling service for young people. The stories revolved around messages on: (1) responsible sexual behavior among the young, (2) responsible parenthood among young married couples, and (3) other special issues or problems which confront young people such as sexual identity, sibling rivalry, self-concept (e.g. insecurity at one's attributes, immaturity, inability to free oneself from a traumatic past), parent-child conflict and parental role in the growth of the adolescent. ""Masikip, Madilim?and Kahapon"" tells a story of Bruno, an 18 year-old student who, as a child, was physically, mentally and psychologically abused by his parents. The other episode, ""Barkada"" - explored the power of peer pressure on an individual, in this case, to be dependent on drugs. TOTAL RESEARCH NEEDS, INCORPORATED (TRENDS), an independent market research agency, was contracted to conduct the project's monitoring and evaluation activities."