Hawak Kamay: Family-Centered Approach in Addressing the Reproductive Health Needs of the Youth in Pasay City

Code:    13-130
Date:    01/15/2013 - 01/15/2014
Duration: 1 year

The baseline study of young people in four urban poor barangays of Pasay City, funded by PCPD, showed that majority are engaged in risky sexual behaviors such as casual sex, sex in exchange for money or favors, and having multiple sex partners. Majority are already parents, drop out of school and live with their parents, exacerbating the poverty situation at home. Among the youth, fertility awareness is low and some resort to abortion.

Given these findings, the project aims to decrease the number of youth engaging in risky sexual behaviors and increase their health-seeking behavior by improving their access to reproductive health (RH) information and services.  The project will employ a variety of strategies such as family-centered counseling and reflection sessions, training and deployment of peer counselors, linking up with local service providers to ensure that youth-friendly services are available, and  providing support to alternative learning and tutorials.

Target families, with the assistance of family support workers (FSWs), will be preparing family development plans. So, the entire family participates in the way they improve their life and a system of monitoring the plans will be in place through the continued support of the FSWs.