Extension of the Project "Influencing Reproductive Health Policy and Programs in the Philippines : Utilization of Operations Research Results"

Code:    01-011
Date:    09/01/2001 - 03/31/2002

This project was a continuation of efforts already started in January 2001 by the Population Council with funding support from USAID. However, due to funding constraints the project was terminated in June 2001.

The extension phase, co-funded by PCPD and the Management Sciences for Health (MSH), completed the project activities as originally designed.

The project was able to:

  • Implement a communication program targeting program managers and policy makers who were less supportive of the population program.
  • Promote the use of research findings for decision making and program management.
  • Create local networks of policy champions.
  • Document successful advocacy practices.

Teams of policy champions were trained for advocacy work in their respective sites. Each team had a local government representative, a population officer, a health personnel, an NGO representative, and a researcher.

The project areas for the extension phase were the following: Region 9 - Zamboanga City, Region 10 - Valencia City and Malaybalay City, and CARAGA - Butuan City.

An assessment workshop and dissemination forum for each of the project sites was conducted. The advocacy issues for this project were: the use of the Community - Based Management Information System (CBMIS), and service integration. CBMIS was instrumental in tracking the unmet need for family planning and reproductive health (RH) services. Service integration was able to link the provision of other RH services in the rural health centers upon contact with clients.