Enhancing Advocacy and Leadership Skills of Interfaith Members, Faith-based Leaders and Workers to Effectively Promote Responsible Parenthood

Code:    07-073
Date:    07/16/2007 - 07/16/2008

This project aimed to train church leaders from 15 faith-based groups on advocacy and leadership skills to effectively promote responsible parenthood at the national and local levels.

It conducted a series of four trainings on Leadership, Advocacy and Responsible Parenthood among 84 interfaith leaders from the National Capital Region, Bicol, the Visayas and Mindanao.  The follow through meetings with the trained leaders has ensured the provision of services through local providers such as the Department of Health, and NGOs like the Family Planning Organization of the Philippines.

The meeting in NCR provided an opportunity to learn more about the Reproductive Health and Population Development Bill or HB No. 5043.  Statements of support from various churches were submitted to Cong. Edcel Lagman, the principal author of the Bill.

The trained leaders continue to advocate for responsible parenthood as integrated in various church ministries, e.g., health.

How the project contributed to the goal of PCPD:

The project supported the constituency-building efforts of the Foundation. It strengthened capacities for popdev advocacy at the community level among leaders of various faiths.  This project was a parallel effort to cascade support even to non-Catholic denominations, which advocate for responsible parenthood and popdev. Hopefully, this engagement also promoted the inclusive nature of the grant- giving program of PCPD.