Empowering Women Through Community Health and Education

Code:    13-129
Date:    01/01/2013 - 06/30/2014
Duration: 1 year, 5 months, 27 days

The outputs of Ugat's reproductive health services within the community include tracking the numbers of contraceptives, vitamins and pregnancy tests distributed; check ups given by its nurses and midwife, home deliveries by its nurses and midwife, number of high risk deliveries in clinics assisted by its nurses or midwife and referrals. It will measure the number of children attending its Educational Support Program, the number of children and the weights of the children in its Nutritional Support Program and the number of teens attending its Teen Summer Sessions. In addition, it will measure the numbers of vertical gardens distributed. Its Community Health Advocates will take on some of the distribution work once it finishes its initial 18 months in the community, so Community Health Advocates will also track their services and through them will Ugat be able to measure sustainability of the programing.


The outputs of its maternal health sessions will be the number of sessions held and attendance at each session. The short-term outcomes will be changes in knowledge, attitude, and behavior related to reproductive health, nutrition, and family health measured through pre and post intervention surveys. Overall outcomes from the entire project include increased health care seeking and use of services, including increased use of contraceptives; decreased maternal mortality; decreased teenaged pregnancy; healthier pregnancies; increased overall family health including child health and teen health; and better access to knowledge and services through the Community Health Advocates.