Empowering People Organizations as Advocates of Family Planning & Wellness in Selected Municipalities in Batangas

Code:    09-088
Date:    05/01/2009 - 04/30/2011

The project aims to institutionalize a family and health program in eight cooperatives, which are members of the Luzon Federation of Sugarcane Growers in the province of Batangas.

It employs the following implementation strategies:  community organizing, research, training, information, eudcation and communication(IEC), networking, and lobbying with local government units (LGUs).

Among the expected deliverables are: (1) Baseline survey of 50 percent of members of the eight cooperatives or 1800 members; (2) A functioning Family and Wellness Action Team  (FWAT) in each cooperative; (3) RH services provided to at least 25 percent of members of each cooperative or 900 members through the FWAT and referrals; (4) A referral system established with government agencies, clinics, and hospitals; (5) A “Botika sa Coop” established in each cooperative selling over-the-counter generic drugs and family planning commodities to members; and (6) Ordinances on health as a result of lobby work with the LGUs.

This project supports the search of PCPD for innovative project models that showcase the need to manage population size to attain a better quality of life. It targets poor communities, mainly sugar workers, who have big families and limited access to family planning information and services.  It will also validate whether cooperatives can be an effective vehicle for the delivery of social services.