Empowering Parents on Adolescent Health and Sexuality

Code:    02-019
Date:    10/01/2002 - 09/30/2003

Studies show that young people prefer to confide to their parents on adolescent issues.  However, most parents are ill equipped in communicating with their children on growing-up concerns of the young.  Thus, the project aimed to demonstrate that the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) is a good structure to work with in reaching out to parents of adolescents.

The project targeted 600 parents from 2 public and 2 private high schools, produced 100 copies of Facilitator's Guide on Parenting the Adolescent, trained 20 parents as resource persons on the topics in the guide book, and documented the project experience as a basis for policy or program intervention.

Four schools participated in the project. The private schools are the Philippine Women's University and the Arrelano University. Public schools include the Mariano Marcos Memorial High School and the Philippine Normal University. The training guidebook was pre-tested through the conduct of parenting sessions in the said schools.  This material was developed to serve as a reference for the discussion of issues affecting the youth today.  It consists of three major subject areas: understanding adolescence as a transitional period from childhood to adulthood, parent-child communication, and teen sexuality concerns.  Teen sexuality concerns cover such subjects as boy-girl relationship and premarital sex, teen pregnancy, solo parenting, homosexuality, substance abuse, domestic violence, incest and sexual harassment, and STI including HIV-AIDS. With this module and the training of 20 core facilitators who will continue the conduct of parenting sessions in the partners schools, PCPD hopes to see this undertaking grow and expand to other schools throughout the country.