Effects of Male Involvement in Family Planning Decisions

Code:    09-092
Date:    11/15/2009 - 10/15/2010

The project seeks to answer the following  research questions:

1. What is the nature and extent of male involvement in the various stages of family planning decisionmaking?

2. Which forms of male involvement lead to a greater likelihood of adopting modern methods of family planning?

This research would also generate more current information that would provide a greater understanding of the cultural contexts within which family planning decisions are made.

The study involves secondary analysis of data from national level surveys (2003 National Demographic and Health Survey and Young Adult Fertility Survey 3) and qualitative data from a PCPD-supported research entitled “Filipino Rationalities : Exploring the Gap Between Knowledge and Practice in Family Planning and Contraceptive Use."

By providing more information of when and how men affect the family’s fertility, program planners can more effectively inform and guide communication programs to direct male influence in a positive manner and create interventions to target any negative male influence.