Effective Delivery of Adolescent Health Education and Counseling Services Among Local Professionals

Code:    Proj-459
Date:    01/01/1988 - 05/01/1988
Duration: 5 Months

This project was designed in response to the numerous inquiries and requests from professionals (such as teachers, counselors, and youth workers) for training on adolescent health education and counseling. It was the Foundation's initial attempt to offer this kind of training program for a fee. The marketing of the training program was the biggest challenge. About 50 government organizations (GOs) and nongovernment organizations (NGOs) in Metro Manila were invited to sponsor participants to the training. Ten agencies accepted the invitation. The rest were constrained by the fees and duration of the training. Held on May 9-20, 1988, the training had a total of 12 participants who were involved in social development programs and services. The program consisted of four major modules: Values Clarification; Adolescent Health Education; Strategies for Reaching Out to the Adolescent; and Program Planning. The project clearly indicated the Foundation's capability and readiness to respond to the information and counseling needs of workers in the area of adolescent health and sexuality.