Dialogues With Media, Business and Civil Society : Series of 2000 and 2001

Code:    00-003
Date:    01/01/2000 - 12/31/2001

In line with the advocacy program for population and development (popdev) of PCPD, dialogues with media, the business community, and civil society were conducted to disseminate research findings in the hope of engendering a better appreciation of popdev interrelationships. Ultimately, this will result in better planning and decision-making at the macro and micro levels.

PCPD conducted three dialogues with the business community, involving 36 business leaders:

*July 26, 2001, August 30, 2001 and October 24, 2001 on the paper by Dr. Ernesto Pernia, ADB and Dr. Alejandro Herrin, UP School of Economics - " Population Growth, Human Resources, and Employment in the Philippines"

Three dialogues were also done among 38 media practitioners (writers, editors, broadcast journalists):

*November 9, 2000 on " The Changing Lifestyles of Filipino Youth : Emerging Patterns " by Dr. Nimfa Ogena, UP Population Institute

*August 27, 2001 on " Population Growth, Human Resources and Employment in the Phililppines " by Dr. Ernesto Pernia and Dr. Alejandro Herrin

*November 23, 2001 on " A Qualitative Study of the Beliefs, Attitudes, Perceptions and Behavior of Young People About Identity, Sexuality and Health " by Dr. Cecilia Conaco, Dr. Carmen Jimenez, and Dr. Carol Sobritchea, from the University of the Philippines

Subsequently, articles on the paper by Dr. Nimfa Ogena were written in the Manila Bulletin ( Nov. 14, 2000 ); a two part special report in the magazine Family Today ( Vol 3 No. 7 and No. 8 ); and a series of articles in 6 issues of the magazine Woman Today ( Nov. 29, Dec. 6, Dec. 13, Dec. 20, Dec. 27, 2000 and Jan. 3, 2001 ).Write-ups on the paper by Dr. Pernia and Dr. Herrin appeared in the newspaper Business World ( Aug. 28, 2001 ) and The Philippine Star ( Oct. 6, 2001 ).

In October 23, 2001, PCPD jointly sponsored with the Ateneo Research Network for Development a forum on poverty and population. Several panelists were invited to share their perspectives on the issue. Some 30 civil society leaders attended the event.