Development, Production, and Replication of One Population Jingle and Four Radio Drama Spots

Code:    Proj-288
Date:    06/01/1982 - 12/01/1982
Duration: 6 Months

The population jingle and the four drama spots were designed to generate greater public conciousness of the four key concepts of the population program, utilizing the effectiveness of drama spots and radio as an anchor medium to support interpersonnal efforts of Program workers. Developed and produced for Popcom were a 30-second population jingle and four 60-second drama spots. The drama spots dealt with delayed marriage, small family size, more effective use of family planning methods, and population and development. They featured celebreties who were chosen for their credibility in promoting each concept and their popularity with the general public. The Foundation replicated 20 copies of the population jingle and another 20 copies of the drama spots. All the dubbed copies as well as the master tape were turned over to Popcom. The jingle was aired continously for 1 year and the drama spots alternately in the following sequence: those on population and development and on delayed marriage during the first six months, and those on small family size and more effective use of family planning methods during the next six months.